Thursday, May 1, 2008

Love Really Is All You Need

What is love?
Is love real?
Can everyone find love?
Do you have to work for it or does it come to you?
How do you really know when you are feeling love?

There were so many questions I had about love three years ago. I questioned relationships and myself constantly. There were no goals in my life, I had no direction. Then it all changed.

As May arrives, I think about where I was three years ago. At two and a half months pregnant, on Mother's Day, I announced to my family that I was having a baby.

At the time, I was in the early stages of the pregnancy, and the reality of the situation had not completely hit me. I look back on my pregancy experience now and know that I really had no idea what I was about to experince. Obviously, all first time mothers dont know what to expect, because you can not be prepared for motherhood. But what I have learned about the most, and what I am so grateful to have in my life, is Love. The enormous feelings that I have for Oliver are consuming. Love feels like a small, insignificant and often abused word to use for such an amazing soulful connection.

Regardless of what word is used to describe the feelings that a mother has for her child, it is something that every woman deserves to feel in her life. Oliver is a blessing, joy and so much more. I am so lucky to have this priceless child in my life.


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Andrea said...


I've been worried about you! (I thought you fell off the edge of the planet! Although I think Oliver spirited you away, instead!).

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