Sunday, April 27, 2008

Little Quirks in Life

I have been much more observant lately, I think partly because since I began sewing and crafting more, now I inspect things, mostly to see if I could make them, and along the way, I notice more random things that I don't think I would have seen before.

For example, my new shower curtain's label says

"Problem: your shower curtain keeps giving you dirty looks"

I think that is strange.

There are so many things around this world that are worth noticing and even if you dont think they are important, they are, because when you think about it, it really is the little things that matter most. Ever since becoming a mother, I treasure those little things more, not just little things about him, because that's obvious, but little things about life, that were taken for granted before. Its a little frightening to think about the things I sometimes miss, but here are some Examples:

~Time, in any and every form

~Going to the bathroom with two hands (because when you have a sleeping child in your arms, or a toddler who screams if you put him down, you learn to pull down your pants, pee, wipe and pull up your pants with one hand, all while holding the child with the other arm...yeah I know, its partly my fault, but he's so cute!)

~Telling yourself that you are going to get something done, without having the feeling that you wont actually get it done, or if you do it will take twice as long as it should and probably be half assed and feel rushed, unless you wait until the wee hours of the night, in which case it wont be done well anyways because of the sleep deprivation

~Talking to someone who doesn't have kids without wondering if you are boring because they think that all you talk about is your kid

There is no way that this list can ever be finished because there are things added to it everyday, but those are just the ones that come to mind at the moment...

And something that is a bit random, but seems fitting in this post, is that sometimes I have this feeling like I have a mental disorder because I cant for the life of me remember what it feels like to not have my child constantly in my thoughts...

As I lay in bed next to a sleeping baby, I am typing about enjoying moments and thinking about taking advantage of the time I do have, and I am not getting up to do the bazillion things that I should be doing....Ironic, stupid, or just plain lazy...either way, I'm still here...not up getting things done...

(A street you must go to should you ever visit NOLA)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Nylons...Part Deux

I am very happy to (finally...) report that the Nylons HAVE NOT canceled future shows in Madison. The news that they were cutting Madison from their tour was an evil rumor and I was relieved to hear that it was not true. Claude Morrison (a founding member of the group) himself told me that they will be back for many years and that he could not believe that people were saying that!! I was lucky to hear it from the horse's mouth, and I learned a lesson I should have already known: DONT BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU HEAR!

With that said, the concert was more amazing than I ever thought it could be, not only did we have 3rd row seats (YES THRID ROW!!), but they performed my two favorite songs (Bop till you Drop & Heavenly Bodies), which I've never seen them do before and it was amazing!! The two returning members were a fantastic addition to an already fabulous show and I was so honored to be able to see them all perform together! To top it all off, we were included in the after party taking place onstage, where we were able to mingle with the Nylons (along with about 30 other party guests), take pictures with them, get autographs, but mostly it was great to just talk to them!

Billy Newton-Davis (one of the retired returning members) took half of his shirt off to show Erin and I his tattoo!

~It was frikin' schweet!~

Ok, ok, ok... I know I'm sounding like a Nylons groupie...but you know what? I'd rather be a Nylons groupie than most anything else!! Because The Nylons are **Awesome**!! :-D