Thursday, May 8, 2008


Ok, so as you can see from my previous posts, I am a huge fan of The Nylons, an A Capella group from Canada who have been making their wonderful music for more than 25 years. My mom attended her first Nylons concert when they opened for the Pointer Sisters here in Madison 25 years ago. She instantly became a fan and has been listening to them ever since. At the time of the concert, I was in my moms belly, about 6 months away from gracing the world with my presence. So as you can imagine, I have been listening to the Nylons music since before day 1 and was born to love them! I'd say I have a pretty wide range of music tastes including rap, rock, country and others, but acapella is never one that I explored beyond The Nylons until recently. I was watching one of The Nylons concert performances on YouTube last week and clicked a link on the side where "related videos" are that said "Up the Ladder to the Roof, The Nylons" which is one of my favorite Nylons songs. Turns out that it wasn't the Nylons after all, it was an A Capella group made up of College students at UC Berkeley called The California Golden Overtones. They were awesome, I mean, they aren't The Nylons, but they were pretty damn good anyways! I proceeded to watch several more videos of them and, despite a few with not so great sound quality (they are amateur video recordings), I was thoroughly impressed. I bet they would be great to see live in person! So I just thought I would spread the word about these fabulous ladies and give them my two thumbs up! :-)

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