Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Fabric!

So my 'hubbie' got his tax return back last week and after paying off bills, we decided that (since he doesn't have a car) a bike would be our next big spend. So after days of driving from bike store to bike store and doing prices comparisons, he spent several hundred bucks on a new bike. After that, to my surprise, he decided to take me fabric shopping! Not only did he take me shopping at Joann's for the first time, but he even came in, carried stuff for me, and helped me pick out coordinating fabric! =) It was a nice few hours spent bonding at my favorite store! These fabrics are going to make amazing totes and zippies, I am so super excited! Check my new shop this weekend for new items, I hope to have them up by then!

Insert ::happy dance:: here!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Less than 24 hours!

Is how long it took my new Etsy store to get a sale!!!
Now packed up and ready to fly to MN tomorrow are these babies:

Yeay!! It feels so good!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Big shout out to Jessi, Sarah, Tamsen, Stine & Kasia!!
Welcome to my blog!
Here is a little diddy for you...my favorite swap so far:

I will have to go with the Handbag swap from back in October, simply because my partner made me the most amazing purse ever. She did such a great job creating a bag perfect for me, I love it so much, I have used it everyday since then. In fact...now that the weather is getting warmer, it pains me to think about switching to a more springy bag because I love the one she made me so much!! =)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bookmarks are like Craft Crack

Bookmarks, originally uploaded by RoseLynn608.

I started making bookmarks for an owl bookmark swap that I could not resist, I figured, I love making owlie ATCs so bookmarks wouldn't be much different right? Wrong, I got totally hooked. As soon as I finished the few I made for the swap, I kept making more. I went right back to the 'Bot to search for more bookmark swaps that I could do and found this and this. Because I have made so many, I decided to give them away. So...I posted my Facebook status as "Rose wants to know if you use bookmarks (and not the internet ones, the ones for actual books) Let me know! For reals!" and got six responses. So yesterday, six bookmarks went into the mail to those lucky people =) Last night I made four more, and can't wait to make more tonight! =D