Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Nylons...

So, tomorrow I will be attended a momentous occasion, The Nylons will give their final concert in Madison, 25 years after their first concert here, they are cutting Madison out of the tour schedule. Why, I do not know! But I do intend to find out! I will be attending the VIP after party, thanks to my inside sources in the myspace Nylons fan group, and the members of the group can expect some hard hitting questions from me about this issue! Not only does the Overture Center practically fill up when they come to town every year, but Madison has a huge fan base for them. I know that there will be many a heavy heart tomorrow as we say goodbye to a wonderful yearly tradition, one that I have looked forward to sharing with Oliver. I am feeling very mixed about tomorrow's show, I know that it will be a great one, but I cant help but anticipate that there will be a sad tone hanging over the evening. The Nylons are a important part of many childhood memories for me, and as silly as it feels to say this, I feel like we are loosing them in a way. Although they will still be around, it will be much more difficult to experience the live shows that I have loved for the past three years. And like I said, I've pictured taking Oliver to see them when he was old enough and I hope that they are still touring at that time so he can have the opportunity to gain the admiration for them that I have.

Despite all of this, I am really looking forward to the show,
I know it will be a fantastic concert and I am really excited!

Craft Weekend

My friend Stef and I had a fabulous weekend crafting at her house and I am happy to steal her pictures to display the fruits of our labor! The tote we made first is so fabulous, it will be hard for me to part with it, but I made it for my dear friend Kitty and I know she will love it, so it will be a bittersweet parting for the Owl Tote & I....

On the second day of our craftaculous weekend we make keepsake boxes, one for Stef and one for her friend's 4 year old daughter who is a treasure collector! Here is the adorable box that Stef made, it's not finished on the inside, but its still looking fab!

I have discovered that there are few things that I would rather be doing with my free time other than craft/sew. If you don't have a hobby, or are looking to pick up a new one, I highly recommend crafting and sewing, two fantastic hobbies that I am very pleased to have discovered.

Shout out to my dear newish friend Stef, the pleasure that spending time with you and our crafts gives me is priceless and I am grateful to have you in my life!

(Our kids hugging, so precious!)

Thursday Morning

I recently discovered a fantastic show called Private Sessions on A&E, its a showcase of musical artists, they have very interesting intervews and then give live in studio performances. This weekend the featured artist was Maroon 5. I have always liked the band and their music, but seeing them on this show really gave me more insight into who they are and what they have been through. Adam Levine seems like a really cool guy, I love the way that he talked about writing his songs, like they just come to him randomly. I also found it very interesting, but not surprising, to hear that he is extremely self critical, and when he first wrote "Makes Me Wonder" which is one of my favorites by them, he hated it! Another of thier songs that I love is "Sunday Mornings", and the live version they did on the show was even better than usual. If you have not seen this show, you should try to catch it, they almost always have super good guests, It is on Sundays at 9am. Check it out!