Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Searching for a new apartment....

... feels like it will never end!

...is worse than the moving part itself!

...makes me want to just give up and stay in the place we are in!

...better end well or someone will pay! ggrrrrr....!!

Ok, so I am a bit frustrated, to say the least. I have spent the past two weeks searching online for a place that we can afford and that also has enough space, which seems impossible...I have been to 7 showings in the past three days and still have not found a place that seems just right. I don't feel like my needs are unreasonable... but perhaps I am wrong.

I strongly feel that if we are going to settle for a 2 bedroom (which would be a downsize from our 3 bedroom we are in now) that it better be for a good price, saving us a significant amount each month (like more than $100).

I also really want a good location, it doesn't have to be super close to where I work, but I don't want to add 15-20 more to my morning commute, I already have a hard enough time getting to work on time as it is!

The biggest difference that I want for our new place is a yard, front or back, either is ok, but having an outside living space for Oliver to play in, especially now that he is older and wants to play ball and what not, that would be nice to have.

I am also hoping to have underground parking (or a garage) because last winter sucked majorly and to not have to shovel my car out every morning would be fabulous.

And the last things I think would be really nice to have in our new place are a washer dryer, in unit, and a dishwasher, although I know they can not be mandatory, they would be a deal sealer for me.

Ok, so after writing all that, I see that there are a lot of requirements, and that's only from me, that doesn't include all of the things that Erin wants to have too. His biggest problem with most of the places we have looked at have been the neighborhood, hes more picky about that than I am. In my opinion, if the place is just right and has all of the other things inside it that we want, then I don't really care if we live in a sketchy neighborhood (to a certain extent, there are places I wouldn't live no matter how fab the place was).

So anyways, there are a lot of things that need to all fit together in order for us to feel secure about leaving where we are, because despite the flaws of the place where we are now, it is a good place, and we wouldn't be miserable if we stayed here another year.

So I just hope that the universe will be good to us and we will find something just right, and soon! Because I want this process to be over and done with so I can move on to stressing about something else! :-)

Ok, my venting rant is done! Hallelujah!


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Artsy Momma said...

For the love of God dont shoot the duck!

I hate moving and trying to find the perfect new place. Things happen as they are suppose to and you will find the right place when you are meant to. Sucky advice I know but its the truth!