Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Amazing Brett Dennen!!

I saw this on Ellen last night and fell in love!! He is so fantastic! I love the way he dances!!! =) check him out!!

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amanda said...

I was visiting my old best pal in KC the last wkd of Jan/first wkd of Feb. (Super Bowl weekend) A couple of day after I got home, she was going to a show to see some Brett Dennen. She didn't know who he was, just goes to a lot of shows and has a lot of opportunity in Lawrence,KS where she lives. So I was bored the night she was going to see him and thought I'd see who he was.. punched him in the old internet, heard his voice, and -just as you said- FELL IN LOVE! I didn't get to see the way he dances until later though. ;)