Friday, May 1, 2009

Cloud Watching

So on the way to the post office to send out some swaps, I was on the phone with my MIL talking about the clouds moving in and how it looked like it was going to rain so she better get to the store...yada yada yada...anyways Oliver heard us talking about clouds and became totally obsessed, as three year olds often do. When we arrived at the post office he wanted to stay outside and look at the clouds while I went in, I said no way. But on the way back out to the car, when he asked again if we could stop and see the clouds, I figured, why not? We were done with errands, it was pretty nice outside and he was being so cute! So we laid down on the sidewalk right there in front of the post office and enjoyed the pretty clouds. He saw a baby dinosaur shaped cloud and a chicken shaped cloud.

It was the best 10 minutes of the day.


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