Friday, July 11, 2008

Symbol of Hope

Symbol of Hope, originally uploaded by Madison Guy.
"Humans are strange creatures. In the midst of devastation, they often seem compelled to create a little spot of hope and beauty. I don't know why else someone would have made their way through the toxic, bacteria-laden flood water to put the flowers on this water fountain. I think it's a touching image of hope in the midst of destruction. Nothing fancy, no flags and marching bands, no banners saying "We'll Be Back!" Nothing wrong with those, of course, but sometimes there's nothing as moving as just a few flowers left in an unlikely public place. If the water fountain can't provide water, make it a planter."

I stumbled upon this picture on Flickr today and it took my breath away.

It's beautiful.


This picture is a glimpse into how deep and wonderful people can be.

Its too bad they don't show it more often.

I just love this picture.

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