Sunday, June 8, 2008

Funky Saturday

Today was an interesting day. Oliver woke up crabby. I figured that he must not have gotten enough sleep or he was hungry. So I gave him some yogurt and got in the shower. Then we walked to my favorite breakfast place, Lazy Jane's (which I am going to miss living down the street from when we move next month) only to discover, after waiting in line for 15 minutes, that the ATM was out of order (and they only take cash). So I decided to walk down the street to another ATM, despite the fact that it was hot and humid. Oliver didn't want to walk, he wanted me to carry him...of course. As I was trying to get through my hot irritated mood with a grumpy boy in tow, a higher power stepped in and sent us just what we music! As I was rounding the corner of the parking lot of Willy St Coop, I heard the lovely tunes of a band called The Vagabond Opera. Here is some video I shot while we were enjoying the music.

Oliver loved it so much, I couldn't get him to leave until they had stopped playing!

So needless to say, it cheered both of us up, made us forget about the heat, and helped the walk back to Lazy Jane's be not nearly as bad as the walk there. And to top it all off, when we got back, there was no line!! =D We enjoyed our meal and went home for nap. Later on, after Erin got off work, we took Oliver to his Grandma's house, and went to see a movie. "You dont mess with the Zohan". It was great, I highly reccomend it. We came home and relaxed before bed, and now I am going to get some crafting done, I have several ATCs to make, they are going to be fantastic. =D

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