Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thursday Morning

I recently discovered a fantastic show called Private Sessions on A&E, its a showcase of musical artists, they have very interesting intervews and then give live in studio performances. This weekend the featured artist was Maroon 5. I have always liked the band and their music, but seeing them on this show really gave me more insight into who they are and what they have been through. Adam Levine seems like a really cool guy, I love the way that he talked about writing his songs, like they just come to him randomly. I also found it very interesting, but not surprising, to hear that he is extremely self critical, and when he first wrote "Makes Me Wonder" which is one of my favorites by them, he hated it! Another of thier songs that I love is "Sunday Mornings", and the live version they did on the show was even better than usual. If you have not seen this show, you should try to catch it, they almost always have super good guests, It is on Sundays at 9am. Check it out!

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